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Learn Spanish to serve Jesus

Our program provide Spanish language training in a spiritual context to missionaries or Christian workerto serve overseas or to reach people in your community; we develop language skills in the missionary through a foundation of the grammar plus practical exercises in techniques of cross-cultural communication and relationships on the field. We have experienced teachers who love helping acquire the language skills they need the missionary for the continuing the ministry.

As our name clearly says, we are first and foremost a Christian school. Our desire is that you be welcomed in a place with a Christian atmosphere. You do not have to be a Christian to attend our center, but the teachers, staff, and host families generally are.

Language learning demonstrates a commitment to the local community and shows respect for their culture. It helps establish rapport and build relationships with locals, which is essential for missionaries.

By speaking the local language, mission participants can connect on a personal level, foster goodwill, and establish a foundation of trust. This can greatly facilitate cooperation and collaboration.

Our courses include not only the Spanish language but also South American cultural awareness. We believe that it is important not only to teach you the Spanish language, but also to help you understand and acclimatize to local life.

We want our school to be a warm and welcoming community where students feel motivated, engaged, and enthusiastic to sharing the Gospel in our local communities


Individuals / Couples

ZION has a team of christian teachers who fully adjust to your learning needs to your ministry, your level of proficiency in Spanish, and your learning style.


Wonderful opportunity for families to learn the Spanish language and the Shuar culture in the Amazon. Parents will have individual classes or in microgroups at the same time that the children have their own classes.

Short-term mission trips

We can work together to fulfill the Great Commission. Your short-term service can create long-lasting benefits.

We long for inspiring our students to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more in their respective ministries.

Extra curricular

Orientation tour

We offer this to all of our students, to help them quickly acclimate to life here in Sucúa. On your first day of study, we will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to the camp, introduce you to our team and show you around the school.


Many of our students choose to stay with a Christian family (we take care of this). This not only gives you a home away from home, but also many opportunities to practice your Spanish.

Activities in our church.

During the week we have several meetings, you are welcome to each of them.

In your free time

Most of the weekends (it is depending of the students) we organize a trip for our students. We believe these excursions offer the opportunity to explore the Amazonia, socialize, and simply relax and enjoy a more natural and peaceful side of the coutnry.

Wish to know more about our ministry and how it is work? Write us!

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