Learn Spanish to serve Jesus.

Spanish courses

These courses provide Spanish language training in a spiritual context to serve Jesus overseas or to reach people in your community. We develop language skills in the students through a foundation of the grammar plus practical exercises in techniques of cross-cultural communication and relationships on the field. We have experienced teachers who love helping acquire the language skills they need the students for the continuing the to Christ’s call.
These is a unit-driven courses during teaches students the four basic tenets (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of communication, as well as Christian vocabulary.
The intercultural classes will help you understand more about the people of Ecuador / South America, the focus is to explain the Ecuadorian and Shuar worldview, religion, economics, politics, biblical terminology, liturgy and the different activities in the Christian church.

Individuals / Couples

ZION has a team of christian teachers who fully adjust to your learning needs to your ministry, your level of proficiency in Spanish, and your learning style.


Wonderful opportunity for families to learn the Spanish language and the Shuar culture in the Amazon. Parents will have individual classes or in microgroups at the same time that the children have their own classes.

Short-term mission trips

We can work together to fulfill the Great Commission. Your short-term service can create long-lasting benefits.

Curriculum Overview

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The length of the courses:


At the airport

One of our most important services is our policy of meeting students at the airport and taking them to their accommodation, regardless of the time and day of arrival. We find that students are really grateful to be met when they first get here, as this means someone is at hand to help you with any luggage problems, and to get you to your accommodation swiftly and safely.

First day at school

After a delicious breakast with your host family, somebody will go with you to the school, here you should be at 8.45 a.m., Diego  will welcome you and explain how the school works, give you the shcool material and intorduce you your teacher. Beside explain the extracurricular activities prepared for the week, including the church schedule and her activities.

You will then meet with your teacher to evaluate your level and learn about your interests and learning needs. 


This is a example schedule:

9h00- 11h00  Spanish classes

11h00 – 11h30 Break

11h30 – 12h30  Intercultural classes.

12h30 – 13h00  Spanish classes.

Let’s eat! If you want to eat in a restaurant, you can do it in the central area of Sucua, there are many options where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere without tourist. or back home to share the lunch with your family.

At 17.00 you will have your guided tour of the city of Sucua so that you can get to know the most emblematic places in the city and find the best areas to enjoy your free time in Sucua. The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes.

What to do after classes?

  • Participate in our daily devotional before starting classes.
  • You can participate in meetings and activities of our church: Tuesday: Bible study, Thursday: prayer meeting, Friday: youth meeting.
  • Every Wednesday visit the tourist attractions of Sucua / Macas

What to do weekends?

  • You can participate in our “coffee with God” meeting at 5 am.
  • Discipleship / Evangelization in some sector of Sucua or Shuar Community.
  • Attend Sunday worship at our church or at a church in a Shuar community.
  • Weekend tour.

Wish to know more about spanish courses and how it is work? Write us!

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